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ecosystem of solid & safe web3 tools and services

We ensure secure and reliable crypto transactions. As a leading escrow service, we act as a neutral intermediary, holding funds safely until conditions are met. SolidX is for seamless, fast, and fraud-free deals.

Security Of Deals Is Important, Especially In Web3

SolidX is a secure crypto escrow service that provides a trusted platform for any transactions or deals. With increasing fraud and scams in the Web3 era, SolidX ensures the safety of both parties' funds and only releases them upon successful completion of the transaction. By mitigating the risk of fraud and building trust, SolidX is promoting the growth and adoption of cryptocurrency.

What Is SolidX Escrow?

a secure way to transact deals peer-to-peer reinvented

Impossible To Scam

All funds are held in a trust account until the terms of the transaction are met.

Transact About Anything

SolidX is for P2P purchases, services or transactions where there is a risk of fraud.

Anonymous & Secure

No accounts - everything is based on wallets, smart contracts and validators.

How Does SolidX OTC Work?


Create Your Deal With Custom Token Inputs

Copy The Transaction Hash And Send To The Other Party

When Other Party Deposits, Approve The Deal

Deal Done & Tokens / Coins Exchanged

How Does SolidX Escrow Work?

Using SOLIDX Escrow is very simple

Submit Your Deal

Connect With SolidX Nodes

Both Parties Deliver

Deal Done & Approved By Nodes

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token with 3 main utilities

SolidX Ecosystem

SolidX Will have a lot of tools for developers and Web3 businesses. In addition to that, Web3/Web2 users will also get services like SolidX Crypto Card, Crypto Exchange and BTC/AU backed Stablecoin.

$SOLIDX Tokenomics

Our team created SolidX tokenomics to ensure long-term success. We identified key use cases and designed it with a deflationary model with Validators burning $SOLIDX. The goal was to build a token that has a strong foundation and the ability to evolve with the industry as well as support governance.

3Q Roadmap

I Phase 2023 Q4

II Phase 2024 Q1

III Phase 2024 Q2-Q4

Core Team

Ove, CEO

With 11 years of experience in the crypto world, Ove brings a wealth of knowledge to our team. As a core team member in a long-term project that reached an all-time high of $45 million, Ove has proven to be a valuable crypto asset. Beyond that, he also serves as a trusted crypto advisor for different projects. With Ove on board, we’re well-equipped to navigate the crypto landscape.

David, CTO

In crypto space since 2016 and going, David is a young entrepreneur with background in sales, e-commerce, and real estate. David has co-founded a crypto company that was valued at 60 million USD, which is still operational.

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