SolidX AMA Highlights: Updates, Partnerships, and the Future

22.NOV 2023


In a recent Ask Me Anything (AMA) session, SolidX founders David and Ove provided insights into the latest developments of the project, shared updates on the escrow service smart contract, and discussed plans for partnerships. The AMA touched upon various aspects of SolidX, from its progress in the crypto space to the incorporation of their LLC in Estonia.

Key Highlights

Ove welcomed the audience, marking the 22nd of November, 2023, and shared that despite the cold weather in Estonia, the focus was on discussing SolidX developments.
Updates included a growing developer team, the nearing completion of the escrow service smart contract, and upcoming milestones in UI/UX enhancements.

Escrow Service Contract

David explained the new escrow service contract, emphasizing its flexibility with milestones. This feature allows users to release payments incrementally, making transactions more user-friendly.
The team is working on the UI/UX to streamline the process, making it accessible for users without complex considerations.

Marketing and Partnerships

The founders expressed gratitude for the strong community support and shared that marketing efforts were going well.
Discussions on partnerships revealed ongoing negotiations with various crypto projects and a focus on collaboration with marketing and development entities.

Incorporation in Estonia

SolidX announced plans to incorporate as an LLC in Estonia, a strategic move to establish official credibility in the business world.

CoinMarketCap (CMC) and Other Listings

SolidX confirmed engagement with CMC and Etherscan, stating that clarifications had been provided. Listing on these platforms was expected soon, pending the necessary processes.

Long-Term Vision and Tokenomics

The team emphasized SolidX as a long-term project, with continuous development and updates. The focus on Web3 and cryptocurrencies was highlighted.
Stock options were ruled out, and the team affirmed its commitment to the crypto domain.

OTC Deal and User Safety

The live OTC deal feature was discussed, clarifying its purpose for businesses and whales to trade without impacting the market.
Security measures were emphasized, ensuring that SolidX operates on Web3 and smart contracts, mitigating risks associated with centralized escrow services.

Community Engagement

The founders encouraged community engagement, inviting questions and suggestions. Plans for regular AMAs were announced, with the possibility of having guest speakers from other projects.


SolidX’s AMA provided a comprehensive overview of the project’s progress, partnerships, and future plans. With a commitment to transparency, security, and long-term growth, SolidX aims to carve a niche in the crypto space, offering innovative solutions in the realm of escrow services. The upcoming developments, including the official incorporation and UI/UX enhancements, are poised to reinforce SolidX’s position in the crypto market.

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